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Simple, outdoor DIY cocktail and/or wine bar for a guest dinner.
  • Ann


I found this little girls blue desk at one of my favorite junk shops for $10.00. It was really in rough shape!

With cocktail and wine bars being so popular today, I thought I would give it a try and convert it into an outdoor cocktail or wine bar.

This little girls desk was so chippy and wobbly!

To get started I used an electric sander to remove as much of that chippy paint as I could. I used the Black and Decker Mouse Detail Sander. I love it because my hand is small and it is so easy for me to grip!

I tightened up all existing screws and added a couple of nails to stabilize it.

After I sanded down the desk as best I could, I applied a paint remover with a small inexpensive paint brush and a pair of old garden gloves. Zip Strip is extremely powerful, therefore covering up all of your skin is essential! There are many paint remover options available at your local hardware store.

I covered the paint surface with the paint remover and waited 10-20 minutes until the paint bubbled up. Don't let it sit too long, as you want to scrape the paint off while it is still wet. Do not let it dry!

Then the scraping and sanding begins again. However I cheated a little:) Since the purpose of this cocktail/wine table is for outdoor use, I wanted a bit of a rustic look to it when finished. So I left some of the old paint on it.

Once the prep work is complete, which took me about 1 1/2 hours, I was ready to paint. I chose a pint of the Old Village Heritage Blue for $24.99 for my color. It's a bit expensive, however I have about 3/4 of it left for future DIY projects. It is a blue gray in color, which is so popular right now and matches with any outdoor decor! I opted out of a primer, as I want more of a rustic look and not having a primer will allow me the option to sand it after painting for a more vintage feel if I choose. I applied the first coat and waited about 60 minutes and then applied the second coat. I let it sit overnight. It was a bit tacky still in the morning, so I let it sit for another 8 hours. And it was ready to go for our outdoor guests that evening!!

When the table is not being used outside, it can also be displayed inside as well! Here it is set up in my sunroom with a vintage cocktail set that I found online.

I think I'm going to try sanding this piece for more of rough vintage look. Next blog post maybe?

TOTAL COST: $50.00

Supply List:

  • 1 pint Old Village Heritage Blue Satin Finish or color of your choice.

  • 2 paint brushes

  • Paint stripper

  • Drawer knob (optional)

  • Electric sander

  • Gloves and eyewear for Zip and Strip paint stripper



A little TLC and this little girls desk is transformed into a backyard treasure!

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Styled by Ann

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