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DIY and Redefine Lost Treasures
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DIY and Redefine Lost Treasures!

I hope you had a great weekend! This fall weather is just so beautiful and so many tag sales going on this time of the year, which I just luv!

Do you have what you thought was a great find from a consignment shop, estate sale, flea market, tag sale etc. still sitting in your basement? Have you tried moving it to every room in the house and you still just can't find a spot for it? Well, this happens to me ALL the time!

Did you know there are other options available to you when this happens? I say paint it! And yes I did! This antique chair was a gift from my parents a few years ago. It has followed me from house to house and room to room. And for some reason, it just never fit anywhere! So I decided to paint it. Looking at this chair, most collectors would never think to paint it. However, sometimes you just have to go for it! I even hated to do it myself, however, I now have a chair that I just luv and it is so much more functional in my home decor.

Where to begin? First I chose a spot that I thought a vintage chair would look cute in.

I chose our entryway, which is painted a light yellow and there also hangs one of my favorite treasures, a GROCERIES vintage sign that I found at a local online marketplace. It is complemented with black and white check flooring and wainscoting. I decided on the same color as the wall. Saving money on paint!

To get started all you will need is:

  • Small amount of your favorite paint (I used C2's Desert Tan eggshell)

  • Paintbrush

  • Paint stick for stirring

  • Sander or sandpaper (I luv my Black & Decker MOUSE sander)

  • Cloth

  • Paint can opener or screwdriver

I sanded the rough spots on the chair, wiped it all down with the cloth and applied two light coats of the yellow eggshell wall paint.

This painting project took me no more than 1.5 hours including drying time. And now I have a vintage chair that I can decorate within almost any room in my home! And it no longer is sitting in my basement!

So simple and can be applied to almost any lost treasure you may have!!

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