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Crafty DIY Hearts Garland for Valentines Day!
  • Ann

Crafty, DIY Heart Garland for Valentines Day!

"No Beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart"

~Kapten & Son

Valentine's Day is going to be here before you know it, and how about this super, simple DIY hearts garland made from just yarn and styrofoam! I luv it for a door, mantel, window or a little girl's room, etc..

All you need is:

Yarn - About 3 balls of yarn.

Styrofoam - 2


Masking tape

Heart cookie cutter

What I have pictured here will make a total of 10 hearts. I would actually recommend 3 balls of the yarn instead of 2 to hang the garland with, and to have extra to wrap with. I purchased the yarn and styrofoam at Walmart for about $7.00

Use the cookie cutter on the styrofoam to punch out your hearts.

Tape the yarn to the styrofoam heart to help secure it.

Wrap the heart in all directions around the styrofoam heart until it is complete.

To hang the hearts, simply thread a needle and pass it thru the top of each heart to hang them. Super simple!

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Designed by Ann

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