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How to Repurpose a Vintage Suitcase for your Home Decor!

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Do you enjoy vintage finds like old suitcases? I have collected three of them over the years and they have really become so shabby looking! I have used them as plant stands, side tables, under beds, etc.. And they are now so tattered. Therefore, I've decided to spruce them up with a little paint and style them, so that they will fit in my sunroom.

Here they are before. Notice all the water stains and a few tears? Just eww! So shabby looking!

So I wasn't totally sure where I was going to go with this when I started. I just know I wanted the suitcases to look clean and bright. I chose an antique white paint that I had on hand and taped the snaps and the leather. I thought the snaps and leather would pop against the antique white, maintaining that vintage feel.

It wasn't necessary for any primer, as the suitcases were already so dry, and absorbed the paint very quickly.

Here is the suitcase after two coats of paint. I luv how the snaps and leather are popping against the white. But I think I will need some Oops to clean up the locks, as I decided that freestyle painting around them was easier than taping them up. I was very wrong...LOL

Here is one suitcase completely painted white and I still need to clean up the handles. However, I am luving the bright, clean look of it! In the end, I put three coats of paint on both suitcases.

So I decided I wanted to add some pale yellow stripes on the smaller suitcase, which is the same paint color that I have on my walls. So I used painters tape to create the space to paint two pale yellow stripes.

I waited about 24 hours after painting before I removed the tape and I started to position and decorate with them in my sunroom. I luv how they turned out!!!

They look so clean and fresh while still maintaining that same vintage feel.

The suitcases are now so versatile and I can move them almost anywhere in my home!

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