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Decorated Vintage Gift Wrapping Paper Cutter!
  • Ann

Vintage Gift Wrapping Paper Cutter w/ Vintage Paper!

I found this really fun, vintage gift wrap paper cutter in my parent's attic when I was visiting in Maine over Father's Day weekend.

I just luv everything about it! This was an item they saved from a gift shop that they owned over 40 years ago on the coast of Maine.

This is exactly how I found it with the brown paper and all.

I luv it as is however, I really wanted to jazz it up a bit with some vintage wrapping paper that I could actually use.

I tried the online options like Amazon and Etsy and realized quickly that this was going to be a difficult find.

Until I stumbled into an antique store in southern Maine that had a bin of vintage wrapping paper! I chose this powder blue and gold paper to match the room and paper cutter.

I did have to cut the roll to fit the spool and then I wrapped it around the brown paper spool that came with the paper cutter.

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Styled by Ann

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