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Bedroom Dresser Makeover
  • Ann

Bedroom Dresser Makeover

I've been holding on to an old pine dresser that we bought from Eddie Bauer about 21 years ago. It was very beaten and definitely not going to match my new bedroom decor (full makeover post to come). However, we do use it, so it has to stay! Therefore, I decided to paint it to match the new trim in our bedroom, and add some antique charm to it, of course!

I used a quart of C2 gloss Alabaster White paint, C2 One Primer interior/exterior, and a paintbrush. I like the Alabaster white, as it has a bit of an antique look to it. It's not a stark white.

I painted one coat of C2 Primer on first, let it dry for about 3 hours, and then applied the first coat of the C2 Alabaster paint.

It appeared quickly that after the first coat, it was going to need a few more. 5 to be exact! I waited about an hour only between coats though for it to dry. And 24 hours before I brought it inside.

After 5 coats of paint, there was still a half of a quart left! Bonus for later bedroom projects...

I ordered 2 of Rugjut 6pcs Kitchen Replacement Antique Brass Cabinet Cupboard Pulls Drawer Dresser Ring Handle Knobs (phew that's a mouthful) from Amazon to replace the existing wooden knobs. You can find them here.

I thought I might stencil the drawers, but I really liked the clean look of it without any stenciling. What do you think?

This is really a simple project however, it's things like this that remind us how simple it can be to transform a piece of furniture that we already have into something new!

The candle I have burning is from Antique Candle Works. They are my absolute favorite candles ever!! I was lucky enough to be able to partner with them recently and I highly recommend you check them out. I promise you will luv them. You may also choose from different vintage containers, which I Luv.

The white blanket I made, a new hobby of mine. I luv the large pompoms and the soft look it adds to almost any room.

Vintage leather boxes that I found at our local thrift shop.

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