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Authentic & Easy Pasta Bolognese Sauce Recipe!
  • Ann

Authentic & Easy Pasta Bolognese Sauce Recipe!

One of my favorite foods ever is a good pasta bolognese! I am always on the hunt for authentic Italian cuisine and recipes. If you are like me, I promise, you will luv this pasta bolognese sauce recipe, with it's one secret ingredient that makes this the sweetest and savory bolognese yet!

This recipe is so simple to make. Every time I serve it or bring it over to a friend's house, they always ask for the recipe. It is certainly a crowd pleaser for any event.

The Ingredients are also simple enough to find at any local supermarket. Therefore, there is no special shopping required either.

I do, however highly recommend upgrading the parmesan cheese garnish instead of the off the shelf products. You can usually find this in the cheese or deli section of your local supermarket.

To begin, I use this La Cocotte Staub pot. Almost any pot will do however, I do like the cast iron inside for cooking the meat.

Combine the Hamburg, sausage and chopped onion and cook over medium heat for approximately 6 minutes, mincing it all together as it cooks.

From here you will just add milk, red cooking wine, bouillon cubes, tomato paste, diced tomatoes, bay leaves and the secret ingredient, Cinnamon. See below for the full cooking instruction recipe guide!

~Bon Appetit'~

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