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White Paint Colors for Walls

White paint has to be the toughest color to choose, at least for me it is! There are so many different whites. Pink hues, blue hues, tan hues, creamy hues, yellow and the list goes on. Whites also appear different in every home depending upon the light. But I luv it! It goes with everything! You can decorate it with all things neutral or with large pops of color.

Did you know that colors actually go out of style?

Our home is an open floor plan and was painted yellow, a color that was very "in" about 10 years ago. I really liked it for a few years, but now I really wanted to go white!

Knowing that the trim, kitchen cabinets, and our builtin bookshelves were all painted in an Acadia white, that became my starting point. I like the Acadia white, as it's a white without being too cold, it's great as an accent white. I scoured Pinterest for white paint colors to decide on the look that I wanted. This was my inspiration below. I luv the creamy warm tone and this is a Sherwin Williams Navajo White. BUT, I did not know if it would actually look like this in our home.

I collected up a few warm whites and picked two to sample. The Sherwin Williams Navajo White and the Benjamin Moore's Alabaster White. I painted the two side by side in all areas on the main floor so I could see colors at all times of the day. I found the Alabaster White to be just too white, and it just didn't have that warm feeling that I was looking for. Also, the color portrayed on the websites are completely different, then the actual paint color itself.

The Sherwin Williams Navajo White in Eggshell won and I absolutely luv how it came out!

It took one person a day and a half to paint the open living area and two entryways with two coats of paint, including prep work.

The neutral colors in the kitchen compliment the Sherwin Williams Navajo White on the back wall beautifully. The shelves and wanes coating are Sherwin Williams Acadia White high gloss. These colors look completely different on their website, then they do in my home. That's why it's so important to try them out in your own home.

In putting the dining room back together, the creamy white walls just feel so warm, I just luv it! This area used to be such a challenge to decorate with the yellow walls. Now I can't wait to complete this room!

We added some open shelving with unfinished wood from a local provider and I painted the shelves the same Acadia White as the rest of the trim.

I luv the creamy Sherman Williams Navajo White in the entryway. It completely brightened up the entire area! The wains coating is painted the same Acadia White as the rest of the trim and the bookshelves in the home.

To see more, as I redecorate our home around the newly painted Sherwin Williams Navajo White, please join me on Instagram, as I will be posting all of the new decorating spaces there! I can not wait to get started!!

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