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St. Patrick's Day Home Decor Ideas

Do you decorate your home for Saint Patrick's Day? I luv decorating so much so, that I never miss the chance to decorate for a holiday. St. Patrick's Day is one of those holidays that I think a lot of people skip, especially if you are not Irish and don't like green LOL... I thought I would share some simple St. Patrick's Day decorating ideas for a little inspiration that would work in any home. Your home doesn't need to look like dollar store furnishings!! Shop your house and look for items that are green, silver, white, orange, wool, and vintage. Here are a few ideas...

Wool, Sweaters, Blankets and White Linens

Waterford Crystal, Antique Belleek China, Tea Cups

Green and Orange are the colors of Ireland.

Irish hats, scarves, and rugby shirts.

Shamrocks, Lillies and Daisies

Celtic Cross

So many fun and beautiful items to decorate with!!

Here I added a green straw hat that I picked up at our local thrift shop and a small vintage chalkboard with shamrock chalk art in our sunroom. So simple right?

A couple of cable knit Irish pillow covers for $5.00, from Amazon, adds a soft Irish feel that you can use year around! Anything cable knit reminds me so much of Ireland.

Have you been? My husband and I back packed thru Ireland when we first met! It was so beautiful, friendly and green. It actually reminded me so much of New England.

This was taken at the Ring of Kerry, Ireland in 1995.

Ella also luvs the wool pillow covers! No Irish in her though, she's all Swiss!

I had this green vintage sugar tin and filled it with faux white flowers from Michaels. Simple green and white touches to the home entryway.

Faux white daisies, greenery, antique crock and brass candlesticks have all the Irish vibes in the kitchen!

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I found four beautiful silver pieces at our local consignment shop and filled them with white and green florals. They look so warm and soft in our dining room and throughout the home. Isn't it amazing what a little greenery can add to a room?

The two silver bowls are pretty shallow, however, I just luv the vintage look with the white and green florals for St. Patrick's Day in our dining room.

Here I added a soft pink blanket from HomeGoods and some pink carnations to add a little spring feel along with the St. Patrick's Day Vibe. Even though we got about 3 inches of snow last night...

On March 5th Antique Candle Co. Introduced their new amazing candle scent Country Pear in partnership with Cotton Stem Blog. It smells so wonderful! I am so grateful to partner with this fantastic small company from Indiana every month. I highly recommend checking them out! They also offer candles in vintage collectibles every couple of months to choose from and they are now looking for candle testers too. Go check them out today!

Here I added some cute battery operated white lights from Hello Happy Official Store for $10 on the vintage mantel for some night time ambiance and hygge...

A little spring decorating with orange tulips also captures the Irish vibe of the Northern Ireland!

For more amazing St. Patrick's Day home decor inspiration check out my "Green St. Patrick's Day Decor Ideas"

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