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DIY Garden Table

Friends, I fell in luv with this adorable little spring table that I found on Pinterest and I truly wish I knew whose it was so I could give them proper credit!! It's just perfect, so I decided to make one myself for our deck and decorate it with flowers and baskets just like this one. This is not a difficult DIY however, you will need an electric table saw to cut the boards properly.

We started by deciding on the size that we wanted. I chose 3' feet long x 3' feet high x 20" wide. We then purchased 3 2 x 6 x 10 boards based upon our chosen measurements. About $25.00.

We cut the first board into four pieces that will make the table top and sanded them all down. We then decided how far apart we wanted the tabletop boards spaced. You definitely want a gap so that water, etc. can fall thru. We decided a paint stick worked perfectly. So we cut up a few and put them between the boards.

Click on each photo for more details.

Our next step was to place the spaced out table top boards on top of two securing boards and screw them together with one screw in each table top board. Then it's time to put the bottom together. I'm such a visual person so I hope the pictures help. We made this by eye, therefore it's easier to share the photos. We also added the leg bolts to the bottom of each leg for a more secure balance.

Click on each photo for more details.

Here is the finished table prior to painting. It's super sturdy! I wasn't worried about the bolts and screws showing, as I was always planning on painting over them.

I painted the table a Navajo eggshell white with paint I already had. This garden table will actually reside on a covered deck so using interior paint was fine for this table. However, you may want to use exterior paint.



I've created the above custom pin just for this post!

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