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Spring Greenery, Terracotta Pots and a Repurposed Card Catalog
  • Ann

Spring Greenery, Terracotta Pots and a Repurposed Card Catalog

It's been raining here for days it feels like! So what better thing to do, than decorate this repurposed card catalog in the sunroom with some spring greenery and terracotta pots? I hope you like it, friends!

A little wooden stool for some height.

Little chippy terracotta pieces broke off and scattered around for that natural rustic outdoor look.

Vintage books, and how about these teeny tiny terracotta pots? I found a large allotment of all sizes on eBay.

Silver herb spoons collected together and a little white candle.

I repurposed this old card catalog that had been sitting in my parent's garage. Stop by here to see the makeover.

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Styled by Ann

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