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Halloween Centerpiece

I am excited to be collaborating with the ladies of Friends Who Inspire on Instagram in creating and sharing our Halloween Centerpieces this year. I had a few skeletons in my basement that I used in last year's Halloween decor here. When my neighbor was over visiting she asked where my skeletons were this year? And I told her that I thought so many people were decorating with skeletons this year, with so many creative ideas, I thought I would try something different. However, the more I got thinking about them, the more I wanted to design. So here's our female skeleton photographer with her vintage camera's and rotten apple's serving up appetizers on our farmhouse table. I Hope you enjoy it, friends!

First, I started by laying the skeleton out on our farmhouse table in the dining room as the centerpiece focal point. I found a wig, hat, glasses, and some vintage jewelry to dress her up with.

I collected up a few vintage cameras that I found at a flea market over this past summer and scattered some rotten apple's that I found around our neighbor's apple tree. I luv the color the apples provide and the vintage cameras add a bit of texture and fun to the centerpiece.

Drippy candles are a must for that creepy Halloween vibe too. Because I didn't want my vintage brass candlesticks to get melted wax on them, I created this drippy look by lighting another candle of the same color and dripping the wax from one candle to another. That way my brass candlestick's finish would not be ruined by the lighted centerpiece candles.

I brought out a small cutting board as a cheese platter with some plates. I think this would be such a fun Halloween centerpiece for a cocktail party or a small gathering of friends and family with the table filled with appetizers around the skeleton!

Next, I wanted to design the vintage mantel in the dining room to accentuate the Halloween centerpiece. I had my husband draw a few witches brooms on a vintage chalkboard I found, and I pretty much left the rest of it the same as when I first decorated it for Halloween, which I posted here.


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Styled by Ann

in Vermont

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