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Christmas Decorating, Where to Begin?

Truth be told, I don't luv decorating for Christmas... Ok yes, I said that out loud! I simply get so overwhelmed walking into a big box store and seeing all the Christmas decor. Not to mention all the amazing decorated homes one can see on Pinterest and Instagram!! Therefore, the thought of even beginning to decorate for Christmas is stressful for me. If you feel the same way, you are in good company here.

So where to begin? I am going to share a few blog posts over the next few weeks with some very simple Christmas and winter decorating ideas. I don't want my home to feel cluttered with all the commercial Christmas decor, so if you are looking for some simple decorating ideas, I hope you'll join me here and I'd luv for you to share your simple Christmas decorating tips too in the comments section below so we may all engage!

As we woke up to snow here in Vermont this morning I knew it was going to be a great day to "Dabble & Decorate"! Therefore, I chose one area of my home to start decorating for Christmas/Winter. And that was our sitting area next to our dining room.

A quick trip to the local grocery store and I quickly found some plain leaf greenery to style that would also add warmth to the space. The leaf greenery will also dry very nicely and I will be able to add some seasonal flowers or even faux flowers as the weeks and winter months go by to change up this centerpiece. Thinking simple!

Adding a little color with either real or faux fruit always adds a pop of color and makes a table look so inviting. Apples, pears, pomegranates, grapes, etc.. They can all be so fun to decorate with. I will be decorating with all these favorites, so stay tuned.

Antique Candle Co is my favorite choice for holiday candles. I am so in luv with the Blue Ball Jars and all their holiday scents. Heck, I luv all their scents! Honestly, I am a candle addict and these are my absolute go-to candles of all time! And you can't have enough candles over the winter months to add that warm, romantic ambiance.

This simple winter decor will take me easily through Thanksgiving and right into Christmas!

Next up I added three pom pom wreaths that I had bought last year off of Etsy and used 'Command Strips' to hang them onto the vintage chalkboard I have. And I luv how I will be able to change out the ribbons to accommodate, New Year's, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, etc. That is if I don't decide to change them up sooner with a drawing or something else fun.


In the background is a beautiful vintage hutch that I am currently making into a drink station for this sitting room, which is also adjacent to our dining room in our open floor plan. I found a complete vintage cocktail set for only $25 and I can't wait to reveal this all to you in the coming weeks once it's all completed!

I luv decorating with winter whites too. Here I've added white pillows and blankets for a cozy winter vibe! White is such a great neutral color, which will carry you through the entire winter.

I'm so grateful that you stopped by today friend! Be sure to stop back soon for some more simple winter and Christmas decorating ideas coming to the blog soon. Or sign up below to receive all of Dabbling & Decorating's updates!


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