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Antique Pine TV Cupboard

Hi Friends! I am forever practicing my patience... And this week was no different. I am passionate about antiquing and luv finding the perfect piece. However, I also like complete spaces. And the two collide for sure. I have been on the hunt for an Antique TV Hutch for our sunroom since the holidays. I needed one that was thin and fairly tall. All the ones I found were just too wide, too short, or too thick. Therefore, I succumbed and purchased a piece off of Facebook Marketplace that I wasn't in luv with, but I thought I could jazz it up with a DIY. So I brought it out to our cold Vermont garage in early February, where my workshop is and got started on sanding it all down.

The very next morning, the perfect antique pine hutch with the exact dimensions I needed showed up!! I made an offer, it was accepted and I picked it up this past weekend only 45 minutes away. Now I have a half sanded piece in the garage that I need to sell. But can I sell it half sanded? Thank goodness I did not pay much for it. Does this ever happen to you? Lesson learned once again, "Patience is a Virtue". So here she is in all her glory as our TV hutch in the sunroom. It makes this room feel so cozy and complete.


I luv the aesthetics of a blanket in an antique cupboard, it gives me all the cozy and hygge vibes!

We purchased a small flat-screen TV over Christmas that would fit into this sunroom. And as much as I would like to hide the TV within the antique cupboard, it just wasn't plausible. So it rests on the top of the pine cabinet, which works out just fine. And I luv the height on which it rests too.

And as always, antique pine cabinets are always a little off-centered and crooked in places. This one was not immune to that characteristic, and is one of the reasons I luv it so much!

I luv how I can display it with both doors open, one door open, or both doors closed too!

So many decorating options and ways to change up this antique cabinet.

I am once again so very grateful that you stopped by today friend! And let me know you were here by dropping me a note below and saying hello! I luv hearing from you all so much!


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Styled by Ann

in Vermont

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