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Forcing Forsythia Branches into Beautiful Spring Flowers

As many of us are isolated in our homes these days, I thought I would share this simple idea to bring spring into your home without having to go out to the store or spend any money. And that's by bringing forsythia branches inside and forcing them to bloom. We are fortunate enough to have a forsythia bush in our front yard. However, you can most likely find one at a neighbor's, a friend's house, or even go for a drive to get out of the house and go on a forsythia hunt... Now we may be a little later here in Vermont. I do realize that many forsythia bushes have already started or have bloomed already. However, we still had snow on the ground a week ago when I picked these branches.

This is so simple. All you need to do is cut as many branches from the forsythia bush that you want to create a full and beautiful arrangement. I wanted mine large and in abundance!

I cut a several forsythia branches and placed them in warm water in an antique kitchen grub pot that I had.

Then placed them on our sunroom coffee table to start the blooming process.

Even before the forsythia branches bloom, the earthy texture adds such a nice piece of nature to any home.

The forsythia branches will take about a week to ten days to bloom.

It's really fun to watch the changes in the branches and blooms every day.

The buds will start to bloom after about three to four days.

These forsythia branches bloomed in exactly one week time.

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Styled by Ann

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