12 thrifted table topics procured while out “Thrifting with the Gals.” Join me for tea and toast with vintage Johnson Brothers, and let’s set the table together in blue and white.

What are table topics?  Table topics are conversation starters, chats, or debates surrounding a mutual passion or affection for something, often while gathered around a table.

And with our mutual love for all things thrifty, vintage, and chippy, I thought it would be fun to explore several table topics, while enjoying a tea and toast affair.

I found a rare vintage find: “Order of the Eastern Star” engraved vintage silverware sets. And these silverware pieces will surely be at the heart of today’s tea and toast table topics!

1. Table Topic: Have you thought of starting a thrifted collection of different silverware patterns? They’ve become very popular in the markets and thrift stores as of late.

2. Table Topic: Have you ever seen vintage tea and toast plates before? Perhaps you have a set, and if so, do you adopt them daily?

2. Table Topic: Would you add a bow or ribbon to a large pitcher, or what else would you add to enhance the old-school charms of these handsome pieces?

Brass candlesticks are one of my favorite thrifted table fanfares! I use them every day and keep buying more as I find them. They are easy to procure and very affordable for the impact they create.

3. Table Topic: Do you collect vintage linens? Do you use them every day? If you can thrift them inexpensively, they are a wonderful way to formalize a table setting.

Join me on the blog to see more thrifted finds and the table topics that surround them.  Let's get creative together!

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