Vintage antiques and uniques are my jam! And today’s post is all about where to find them, how to decorate with them, and how to know their value, along with 13+ of my best-loved.

Today is the third Thursday of the month, meaning it’s time for “Thrifting with the Gals.” A series I host here monthly, along with three of my favorite thrifting and vintage-loving friends.

Not all Vintage Antiques and Uniques can be found in a second-hand shop or antique store.  Like this treasured charm bracelet that I found in a jewelery box.

Read the story of this apothecary find that was missing a drawer and gorgeous in chippy green.  See it today decorated with candles and terracotta pots.

This gift of a whale inspired by the love for Bernese Mountain Dogs is a favorite.  Have you ever seen a vintage balancing toy?

See how to collect and decorate with vintage musical instruments for the holidays and beyond.  Violins, drums, and trumpets!

Franciscan's Desert Rose china is a long time favorite pattern.  Chosen by Jackie Kennedy for The White House and Lucille Ball for her everyday china.

And these Grandmillenial drapes were originally custom made for a yacht back in the 70's.  See them today in our coastal Maine home.

Join me on the blog to see more of these 13+ best-loved vintage antiques and uniques, how to decorate with them and how to know their value on the blog!

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