Are you looking for cozy fall fire pit decor ideas? Here are 17 easy tips and tricks to get you started on your next cozy outdoor gathering.

Our Cozy Outdoor Fire Pit; A couple of years ago we built this stone fire pit at our home in Maine using rocks from around the property.

7 Fall Decor Fire Pit Ideas From My Backyard Creating an outdoor cozy space around your fire pit in the fall can really be a very simple task.

1.  Scatter fall pumpkins, gourds, and apple picking crates to enhance your fire pit space with the colors of the season.

2. Favorite Cozy Mugs Add plenty of your favorite mugs around your fall fire pit area. Whether it’s vintage glassware or an old thrifted lobster mug like this one. You can never have too many!

3. Cozy Blankets Add a cozy blanket to the chair for each person joining you around your fall fire pit.

4. Duraflame Firestarters In order to be cozy, things need to be simple and organized. We start all our backyard fire pits with duraflame’s firestart sticks.

5. A Canvas Bag to Transport Your Goodies to bring out your fire starts, mugs, and other cozy accessories to your cozy fall fire pit.

Join me on the blog for 17 more fall decor fire pit ideas for a cozy gathering this fall season!  You are sure to be inspired!

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