45 Vintage Silverware Decorating Ideas For You to Start Today! Dabbling & Decorating

Ann Couser Kittredge

Do you love vintage silverware, cutlery, or flatware? Get inspired with these 45 fabulous decorating ideas, from vignettes to table settings.

Vintage or antique silverware is a cherished and elegant addition to any dining experience.These exquisite pieces of cutlery carry a sense of history and craftsmanship.

I have two favorite sterling silverware collections that I enjoy decorating with so very much. One I inherited, and the other I thrifted.

MIX AND MATCH Have you ever considered mixing and matching vintage silverware patterns for a charming, eclectic table setting look?

If you like this style, it will make the thrill of collecting various flatware patterns more fun and creative for you. Enjoy these vintage silverware table setting ideas:

Vintage Silverware Craft Ideas With a little creativity, you can transform your vintage silverware into functional and decorative pieces that add a touch of charm to your home or garden:

Don't Forget the Box!

Look for vintage cutlery boxes in your thrifting travels, too. I found this cute red one while I was out antiquing in Maine

Transform your table setting with my favorite Cutlery Couture silverware pouches. Discover how to add an extraordinary table accent to any occasion.

Join me on the blog to learn all about Bakelite and Sheffield vintage silverware.  And all the ways you can decorate with silverware on your tables and beyond!

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