It was this picture that I found in my parent’s attic over five years ago now, that would inspire this Christmas in Maine three-wreath 1930s front door tradition.

This is a picture of my parents’ 1930s front door and how my mother decorated it for their first Christmas in their newly built Raeside-Dame home in Coastal Maine over 30 years ago.

It was right then and there that I decided I wanted to start my own tradition by adding three wreaths to this 1930s front door every holiday season in memory of the first.

I’m delighted to partner with my friends over at Frost Farms, out on Mount Desert Island in Bar Harbor, Maine, to continue this year’s three-wreath 1930s front-door holiday tradition.

Each wreath is carefully packaged in a moisture-protectant bag with decorative tissue paper and shipped via UPS in a custom-fit box.

Frost Farms has six varieties of holiday wreaths to choose from, and the wreaths I am showcasing on our 1930s front door today are their “Traditional Maine Wreaths.”

Over the past four years, this front-door Christmas wreath tradition has seen many iterations. Therefore, I knew this year I wanted to get back to a traditional Maine wreath with a classic red bow.

I often get asked, “Why three wreaths?” That’s when I love chatting all about the old photo that I found and how my mother decorated this old front door for the first time.

We proudly fly our Maine flag of this great “Pine Tree State” next to our three-wreath 1930s front door tradition, and to us, it is all just quintessential Maine living.

We did see a bit of a nice sea surge too while we were back in Maine for Thanksgiving weekend that I thought you may enjoy.

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