A Tale of Two Kitchens

A story of two kitchens. An old country-style kitchen on the coast and a white open farmhouse kitchen in the mountains. Which would you choose?

My Two Kitchens Having two homes, one in Vermont and the other in Coastal Maine, we naturally have two kitchens. And both kitchens are completely different!

Open White Farmhouse Kitchen Let’s start first with our open white farmhouse kitchen which is at the heart of our home here in Vermont. A kitchen that was designed by the previous owners with so many fun details.

For example, this kitchen is wide open in the middle of an open floor plan. It is an area where all are invited to gather in conversation, cook, eat, work, and even watch TV.

Thrifted Shaker-style stools add a natural and warming feel to this all-white farmhouse kitchen.

A small vacant space in the kitchen left room to add this vintage cabinet that I found on Facebook Marketplace.

Country Style Kitchen And next up is our country-style kitchen from our home in Coastal Maine. Completely different than the open white farmhouse kitchen, this kitchen has three walls and a half wall that looks out into the dining room.

This country-style kitchen has wooden countertops, Nantucket Gray painted cupboards, and family inherited antique kitchen accessories.

This beautiful vintage rug from Revival centers this kitchen beautifully.

A little thrifted table is placed in the center of the kitchen and adds all the country charms with its bouquets of flowers, candles, baked goods, utensils, etc…

Open White Farmhouse Kitchen vs. Country Style Kitchen? So what do you think? Which do you prefer?