Tag along with me to a country estate sale near me this past weekend—an old Vermont farmhouse filled with vintage antiques and uniques.

What is an Estate Sale? An estate sale is when the entire contents of a home are for sale. It can be daunting to sell a home’s entire contents.

As I entered the estate sale, I first spied this antique table and chairs in the garage. The table was rich in detail, with an additional center leaf selling for $125.

Jenny Lind Twin Beds And on the other side of the garage, oh my goodness, was the prize! Two antique twin Jenny Lind beds for $45 apiece.

Christmas Angels Just before meandering out of the garage, I had to make a stop at the Christmas table, where I picked up three grapevine Christmas angels. They were just adorable for $2 apiece.

I spied this extra large Spongeware bowl on the counter and snagged it for just $65.  It is 16' nice and big perfect for a table centerpiece.

Once back home, the Spongeware bowl landed quickly on our dining room table filled with apples as a fall centerpiece.

Le Creuset Spaghetti Pot This beautiful blue Le Creuset spaghetti pot kept the Spongeware bowl company on the kitchen counter. Barely used and selling for just $30.

Next, I walked up the old, creeky, steep staircase to the home’s three antique-styled bedrooms. I found this antique print called “Age of Innocence” and this old “Joy of Cooking” cookbook there.

Join me on the blog to see what other treasures were there to be found and how I decorated with all of these valuables in our home for fall!  See you on the blog!

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