Make the most of your winter collections with “Thrifting with the Gals.” Find vintage treasures, tricks & more for your home decorating journey!

Vintage decor brings a touch of nostalgia, charm, and warmth to any space, and it’s no different when it comes to winter collections. Here are some ideas for incorporating vintage treasures:

I have also been embracing The Snowy Cabin Cookbook, a must-have for your winter kitchen collections.

Bringing the natural elements of the outdoors inside has always been a favorite of mine when it comes to decorating our homes. But it can be a bit challenging during the winter months for sure.

You can find marble slabs, tables and dressers with marble tops, and other marble winter collections rather affordably. It’s true!

After leaving a local tile shop (looking for the Danby marble for our fireplace), I stopped in at our local thrift shop and found two plant stands with marble tops for $12 each.

I first displayed the plants in baskets, then switched up the second plant’s basket with a vintage soup tureen. Both are great accessories for elevating your winter plants.

Tulips are often associated with spring and the vibrant colors that bloom during the season. However, with proper care and selection, tulips can also create stunning winter floral arrangements.

Here are some ideas and tips for creating beautiful winter tulip arrangements that bring elegance and cheer to your home during the colder months.

Join me on the blog today for so many more winter collections and how to display these unique beautifies throughout your home decor!

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