Transform your buggies and go-karts into a magical Christmas experience with these top decoration ideas! Get creative and enjoy the ride!

How cute is this evergreen go-kart that I found over Thanksgiving weekend for just $40 at Chandler & Co. barn sale in Berwick, Maine? It was newly painted and all in working order!

Do you know what else would be similarly cute if you can’t find a go-kart? A vintage bicycle, tricycle, cart, scooter, stroller, or wagon. Think outside the box to replicate a similar idea of your own.

I started decorating the buggies go karts with Christmas boxes like you see on all the internet pictures with VW Bugs for the holidays.

Next, I added some simple evergreens with winterberries, topped off with a burgundy bow on top of the packages to match the kissing balls on the rest of our Christmas porch.

I just love this go-kart buggy, but being on the porch, I wasn’t able to see it enough for my liking. Therefore, I decided to bring the go-kart inside to our dining room table.

Next, I added the cutest little driver to this Christmas buggie go-kart, who will be delivering the Christmas packages to his besties.

And I couldn’t stop there could I? A hat, scarf, and goggles complete the go-kart’s driver’s Christmas outfit.

But wait, what about a Snoopy instead of a bear like the "Red Baron" from Peanuts riding his go carts to deliver Christmas presents? 

Which do you like better?  The Porch display?  The go kart with the bear riding or the Snoopy Red Baron?  Drop by the blog to see more and drop me a comment!

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