Are you a fan of the cozy and charming cottage farmhouse decor style? Discover how to find and combine popular items to design a warm and welcoming home of your own.

Cottage farmhouse decor is a style of interior design that combines the charm and simplicity of cottage living with the rustic and nostalgic elements of farmhouse aesthetics.

It embraces a cozy and welcoming atmosphere reminiscent of a country cottage or farmhouse. Key features of cottage farmhouse decor include:

The cottage farmhouse decor style embraces a rustic and nostalgic aesthetic, and incorporating antique pieces into the decor enhances its authenticity.

Blue and white are classic color combinations, and a favorite of mine pairs well with the popular neutral color palette of farmhouse.  Like this blue and white cake stand.

Another really popular cottage farmhouse decor piece is vintage crocks. Vintage crocks are ceramic or stoneware containers that were commonly used for food storage, fermentation, and preservation.

An old berry collection box is a vintage container used for collecting and transporting berries during harvest.  And trending in cottage farmhouse decor.

Demijohns are sometimes used for decorative purposes, as their unique shape and vintage appeal can add a rustic and nostalgic touch to home decor.  Ideal accents in cottage farmhouse decor.

Vintage balancing toys are trending in cottage farmhouse decor because they add a nostalgic vibe with pops of fabulous color accents.

Inspired by the cozy, welcoming ambiance of traditional cottages and farmhouses, this style of lighting combines elements of vintage and industrial design.  Join me on the blog to see more!

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