Doesn’t everyone love cozy couch moments? Blankets, pillows, fire in the fireplace, a good book, snack, drink, and a movie?

A rainy day curled up with your dog or cat? We are all about it here at Dabbling & Decorating!  And these cozy furniture slipcovers are washable too!

Join me here today for some cozy furniture moments as we get ready to enter into the cooler months of the year.

The first thing I always do before those cozy couch moments is to light a fire in the fireplace. Whether it’s a real wood fire or a Duraflame log like today.

Cozy furniture moments always require snacks, don’t they? What is your favorite snack to cozy up with at home? I love a good dessert and a warm drink.

Start off by  lighting a few candles, settle in with a good book, then move on to a movie.   What's your favorite movie or show to watch on cozy furniture moments?

The cozy sectional furniture we have at our home here in Maine is from Four Seasons Furniture. It has a washable light tan and navy blue linen slipcover on it.

Cozy furniture moments are best enjoyed with loads of pillows and blankets too.  Join me on the blog to see more and enjoy your cozy furniture moments friends!

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