Witness the Eclipse 2024 in Vermont. A once-in-a-lifetime experience RV boondocking as the sun disappears behind the Vermont landscape.

In 2024, a total solar eclipse occurred on April 8th, and parts of northern Vermont witnessed it in totality.

The moon aligned perfectly between the Earth and the Sun, casting a shadow on the Green Mountain State and plunging it into darkness for a brief but awe-inspiring moment.

The Eclipse 2024 Vermont occasion also gave us the chance to acquaint ourselves with our first RV boondocking experience in our new Panoramic RV, a once-in-a-lifetime kind of first.

We knew we wanted to go somewhere to boondock for the Eclipse 2024 in Vermont, but we were really scared of all the hype and crowds we had heard about.

We decided to take our chances, calculating that people travelled over the course of a few days to experience the eclipse 2024 Vermont.  And we are so glad we did!

As the day progressed, anticipation and excitement filled the air. People from all corners of the state, as well as visitors from afar, gathered mountainside to witness this natural wonder.

In the hour before the totality, the atmosphere gradually changed. The sky darkened, and a peculiar stillness enveloped the landscape.

Then, at the moment of totality, an intangible silence descended upon Vermont. The moon completely blocked the Sun’s radiant glow, revealing the Sun’s corona.

As quickly as it began, the darkness receded, and daylight returned. The partial eclipse phase resumed, and the celestial show came to an end.  Join me on the blog to see more!

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