Join me for Vintage Market Days Vermont.  Check out this vintage haul made up of silverware treasures in connection with “O.E.S.,” Order of the Eastern Star.

What is Vintage Market Days? “Vintage Market Days is an upscale, vintage-inspired indoor/outdoor market featuring original art, antiques, clothing, jewelry, handmade treasures, home décor, and more.

Now let's get to the good stuff!  A rare fall vintage market hall that includes the Order of the Eastern Star!  I invited my friend Bernadette to join me today too!

Being in Vermont, we definitely have our fair share of vintage ski lodge decorations readily available, from ice skates to old skis.  See what we each brought home with us!

And close by were six blue and white vintage Johnson Brothers tea and toast plates. I had never seen these before, had you? When I asked how much they were selling for, I was told $10 for all six

Next, I spied this woman’s vintage boot vase at one of my favorite vendor’s booths, “The Vintage Type.” Oh my goodness, so ideal for the fall and Halloween season, yes!

At about this same time, my friend Bernadette was finding two brown and white transferware pitchers at bargain prices.

This oblong vintage blue and white pitcher was unique in shape and character. Ideal for flowers and table settings, and for just $18, this beauty also came home with me.

Then, there they were, collections and collections of gorgeous “Order of the Eastern Star” silverware sets.

Join me on the blog to see more of what we found and how we decorated with our finds throughout our homes.  Learn more about Order of the Eastern Star too!

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