Step into the world of vintage botanical tools with this unique find: a vintage flower press with a rich backstory in academia.

A flower press is a simple device used to preserve and flatten flowers and foliage for various purposes, including crafts, artwork, and botanical documentation.

It consists of two flat boards, usually made of wood, and a series of cardboard or blotting paper layers. Here’s how a flower press works:

Have you ever seen a vintage flower press? I recently found one while I was Thrifting with the Gals for just $14.00.

Well, I thought it was a vintage flower press, but after getting it home and doing some research, I believe it to be a vintage student plant press. What’s the difference? Let me explain.

Flower Press Vs. Plant Press A vintage plant press is a device used to flatten and preserve plant specimens, including leaves, stems, and flowers.

Overall, a vintage plant press is a unique and charming tool for preserving and studying plant specimens, which is where this vintage plant press meets academia.

This vintage plant press is marked Ward’s Natural Science Establishment, Inc. Rochester, NY. Today, the company is known as Ward Science, providing high-quality educational learning tools to all grade levels.

The Wards Science Student Plant Press is a specific plant press designed for student use in botanical studies and plant specimen preservation. It is commonly used in educational settings.

This type of plant press is specifically designed for students and beginners in botany to learn about plant preservation and study.

Drop by the blog to see and learn more!  Overall, a vintage flower press or student plant press can be a charming and unique tool for drying and preserving flowers.

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