Get Cozy on the Porch this Spring with these Fabulous Antique Porch Ideas! 

Do you love cozy porches with unique characters? Join me today for iced tea on our porch and let’s talk cozy antiques and spring porch ideas!

A Vintage Haul I started this week out right with a day trip to one of my favorite antique stores and came home with this Vintage Haul for The Porch. Don’t you just love days like that?

I’m excited to have you join me here today as we begin decorating our cozy antique spring porch at our Vermont home with this week’s vintage finds.

You may also appreciate How To Create An Inviting Front Porch with Wicker Furniture. A post that talks all about this new wicker green furniture on our porch, which is where this spring porch began.

Vintage Lemonade Sets are perfect for entertaining and getting cozy on your spring porch!

Beverage carts and coffee bars are so popular today in home decor. I think it’s because they create a commonplace for us to gather. So why not add a simple vintage set like this one to your spring porch this year for you to enjoy with family and friends?

Antique Crocks Make Fantastic and Durable Outdoor Flower Arrangements!

Antique Trunks Are Great as Outdoor Coffee Tables on Covered Porches!