Do you love the look and feel of old wooden rolling pins and old-fashioned-style kitchen pantries? Let me show you how I paired the two together to get a charming bakers pantry look.

What Are Rolling Pins Used For? A rolling pin is a long barrel-shaped kitchen tool used mostly to roll out the dough and other bakers pantry cooking ingredients.

Aged rolling pins are known to be collected by many vintage lovers, too. You can find old rolling pins inexpensively in thrift shops and second-hand stores.

What are the different types of rolling pins? What does a bakers pantry look like?  See it all here!

Materials You Will Need: – Electric Drill – Two Screws – Two Wooden Rolling Pins Restor-A-Finish and Feed-N-Wax to add luster to your rolling pins.

Join me on the blog to see how to attach these rolling pins in 3 easy steps.  Anyone can do it, it's so easy!

I think it would be fun to get creative with the rolling pins by changing the rolling pin handles’ colors and maybe decoupaging them with some colorful paper napkins.

I loved this easy project. It truly transformed this kitchen bakers pantry and the rolling pins are easy to remove and replace too.

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