Protect your lawn and add backyard ambiance by simply creating a DIY pea stone patio for your outdoor dining, fire pit, or sitting spaces in as little as two days.

We bought this outdoor teak table dining set a couple of years ago and have enjoyed it so much in our backyard. But unfortunately, our lawn wasn’t liking it as much as we were.

Until we designed, framed, and built this quick and easy DIY pea stone patio to lay beneath our backyard table set.

Choose your space and decide if you want a round, oval, rectangle, square, or whimsical patio based on your own outdoor location.

Mark Out Your Patio Design Use the driveway stakes to mark out the area and design that you've chosen to creatve your ver own pea stone patio.

Next, we used a garden spade shovel and dug a 2″ rim around the table markers to serve as the perimeter for our small pea stone patio.

Next, we dug up all the grass within the circular patio we designed. Placing it in a wheelbarrow for easy removal.

Once the lawn was removed from the patio design, we cleared the area of any rocks and debris with a garden rake.

Once our circular patio space was all dug out and raked, it was important to ensure it was all level, as we want our teak table setting to lay flat on the pea stone once it is all completed.

Next install the landscaping edging and weed barrier.  Secure with landscape staples before laying pea stone.

Fill in your patio with your chosen pea stone and enjoy your brand new outdoor pea stone patio.  Join me on the blog for all the details!

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