How to Refinish a Wood Table in Less Than 1 Hour

Do you have a wood table that you’d like to refinish? Don’t put it off any longer! Get this handsome refinished look in less than 1 hour. “Restore it, Don’t Strip it”!

What is the best way to refinish a table top in under 1 hour?

Restor-A-Finish | A One Step Refinisher So my GO-TO for refinishing a wood table affordably and quickly is to use Restor – A – Finish! It’s so easy with amazing results!

How do you refinish wood furniture? Restore it, Don’t Strip it!

Simply clean the surface, sand off any imperfections, and apply the Restor-A-Finish to your furniture piece.

After 30 minutes of dry time, apply Howard's oil-based Feed-N-Wax.  It goes on like butter!

Let your wood table now dry for 24 hours to be sure that it is completely dry before using.

This dry vintage wallpaper table was refinished in less than an hours time!