While out “Thrifting with the Gals” this week I came across some fabulous grandmillennial drapes showcased at York Antiques Gallery in York, Maine.

The coastal vibe, red, white, and blue colors, and this fabric!! Oh my, was I taken back by these drapes, friends.

There were three pairs selling for $150 a pair. A bit pricey, yet absolutely fabulous. I hadn’t seen anything like these in all my thrifting travels.

And I recently discovered that they were custom made in the 1950s for a boat. How amazing!

I saw these drapes as a statement piece in any room they were lucky enough to be in, so I really wanted to be sure. York Antique Gallery was kind enough to let me take a pair of these drapes home to try out overnight before purchasing them.

What is Grandmillennial style? Think of it as 20 and 30-year-olds embracing their grandmother’s decorating styles. Vintage quilts, crochet pillows, lots of bold patterns, china, flowered wallpaper, etc… “Grandmillennial Design Trend is an Ode to Old School” ~ Better Homes and Gardens.

The heavy weight of the fabric and the coastal vibe of these grandmillennial drapes just make me so happy!

Now I realize, these drapes may not be for everyone… However, being here in coastal Maine and with the style of our home, I feel like they were meant to be.

The grandmillennial nautical drapes make our living room super cozy while accentuating the home’s antique qualities.