Do you love coastal, nautical, and vintage decor? Today I’m sharing how I created a quaint little nautical corner in our home’s living room in Coastal Maine with that vintage wow factor.

How to Bring a Nautical Theme Home? Let’s chat about garlic scapes, nautical vases, sea birds, driftwood, Dawson’s paintings, vintage dressers, blues and reds, drapes, pillows, and more!

And it was all inspired by this garlic scapes flower bouquet that I picked up at a roadside farm stand last week. You never know where your inspiration may come from, am I right?

And staring right at me were these two tall coastal vases.  The perfect pieces to display tall garlic scapes in.

These nautical vases, now displaying the garlic scapes, create a sense of whimsy with a root of summertime essence.

A scattering of vintage sea birds on old driftwood that were once my mother’s collections cast an affection for the sea and a desired coastal quaintness.

I found this Dawson framed print while Antiquing Down East, A Day’s Jaunt last summer. It was a steal too… This one is called “Neck and Neck.”

Old bureaus come in all shapes and sizes and are an effortless way to add cozy warmth and charm to a corner, bedroom, bathroom, dining room, sunroom, etc.

This antique easel with a lighthouse painting is regularly moved around in this room. I picked it up when I was in Downeast, Maine last summer at Cabot Mill Antiques.

Join me on the blog to see and learn more of this favorite nautical, vintage inspired corner at our home in Maine. See you on the blog!

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