Do you have a favorite vintage collection?  Here are a few of the best vintage collections to look for this summer at the vintage markets.

I found this collection of vintage wooden drawers at Vintage Bazaar New England this past weekend. Ideal for storage or as plant containers.

Sterling Silverware is all the rage at vintage markets now too.  Collect your favorite pieces for those summer table settings.

One of my favorite vintage collections are old shutters.  They are fantastic repurposed on windows, on a wall, even centered on a table!

Feathers, who knew?  Add a few to a ink jar, glass jar, small pitcher, etc..  What a great way to add our feather friends into our home decor.

Another favorite vintage collection are these old shoe molds.  Collect them in all shapes and sizes.  Beautiful on a shelf or on a mantel.

A popular vintage collection are old soda crates.  Use them in your gardens, for storage in a play room, or craft room!

A collection of vintage spools in a basket accents a sewing room, craft room, or bookshelf beautifully.

Vintage spools come in all shapes, colors, and styles too.  Mix and match or keep it simple.  Coordinate them on a coffee table, on a place setting, and more.

Join me on the blog for more vintage collections to look for this summer and more about Vintage Bazaar New England.

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