The Best Vintage Market and an Antique Haul

I’ve attended a lot of vintage markets throughout New England. But one of my favorite haunts is always Vintage Market Days of Vermont. Accompany me this weekend, and let’s go “Thrifting with the Gals” together.

“Be the keeper of history past, a custodian of treasured items before”, New England Antiquary.

This Vintage Market is so Much More Than a Flea Market. Why? Well, first the scenery is spectacular, spread out across the Vermont State Fairgrounds, both indoors and outdoors, right in the valley of the plush Green Mountains of Vermont.

Let’s Go to The Best Vintage Market in Vermont

What to Look for at The Best Vintage Market in Vermont Architectural Salvage

Vintage Garden Decor The market was filled with all the vintage garden decor and art one could desire.

Flowers There were dried flowers, faux flowers, and fresh vintage flower arrangements for your choosing.

Vintage Green Houses, JUST WOW!

My favorite booth this year was The Vintage Type.

Be sure to drop by the blog to see all of the day's vintage haul!