Travel with me on the backroads to Vermont today, where Mother Nature exhibits her fury, and I find an antique Millinery hat mold at one of my favorite second-hand shops along the way.

It’s about a 3-hour and 15-minute drive from our home in Maine to our home in Vermont. Just far enough away, yet close enough to get to easily.

And as you’ve probably heard, Vermont got hit pretty hard with rain this summer, and it caused many of the Vermont rivers to overflow, flooding many towns, businesses, and homes.

Thankfully the roads were mostly clear on the drive back to Vermont. Although the rising river water must have flooded the roads, as I did see quite a few breakdown lanes fractured.

I was pleasantly surprised when I reached my favorite second-hand shop, The Cottage by the Brook, to see that the brook they sit next to was rather low.

I don’t think I have ever passed by this second-hand shop without stopping. It’s an absolute gem filled with vintage goodies both indoors and out.

Join me on the blog for a video and a walk through of this fabulous vintage, retro, and eclectic shopping experience!

The first item that caught my eye was this vintage brass duck. I love adding touches of brass with collected animals on my white bookshelves. Turtles, rabbits, geese, and now this patina duck.

Then I grabbed this bag of dominoes for $4.00 and decorated with them on our bookshelf.  Do you know how to play dominoes?

A Holland Mold pitcher caught my eye too for $12. A pitcher that would display beautifully with a table setting, on an outdoor table, or displayed with flowers.

And the final prize on our travels today was finding this antique Millinery hat mold.  It's a Bowler and fabulous!

What is Millinery?  Join me on the blog to learn all about antique Millinery hat molds and how this one looks today!

I’m always happy when I return to Vermont. The mountain views just make me feel so much at home. But when I arrived home, some storms rolled in that looked just flat-out intimidating.

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