Design your own asymmetrical platter wall using vintage blue and white platters. Creating a unique and eclectic display for your home.

A vintage blue and white platter is a decorative serving dish that has a nostalgic charm and historical significance.

Displaying vintage platters on walls or shelves can create a stunning visual impact in any room, adding a touch of history and elegance to the decor.

In preparation for creating today’s blue and white platter wall, you will need these 5 1/2″ adhesive plate hanger discs. One for each blue and white platter.

You'll also need old fashioned nails, hangers, and a hammer. I used these simple picture hangers that I already had in a drawer.

And lastly, you’ll need your favorite vintage blue and white platter collection or plates to create your platter wall design.

You will want to start by laying out all of your vintage blue and white platter collections or plates in an open space. Such as a table or floor.  I experimented with both of these options!

It’s there you will decide on the wall’s design and choose if you want to: – Hang platters vertically or horizontally? – Have an asymmetrical or symmetrical pattern? – How many platters you will need?

Join me on the blog for a step by step tutorial on how to design and hang your vintage blue and white platter wall today!

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