A vintage marketplace is filled with infinitely many unique finds. Explore the latest treasures from a day spent at Vintage Market Days.

A vintage marketplace is a place where individuals can buy and sell vintage items, which are typically at least 20 years old.

Vintage Market Days Vermont is a popular event that brings together vendors, collectors, and vintage enthusiasts to the Rutland Fairgrounds in Vermont twice a year.

What’s Trending at the Vintage Marketplace? VINTAGE IRONING BOARDS These classic household items were once essential for every home, providing a sturdy and convenient surface for ironing clothes.

One vendor at this vintage marketplace had a wall filled with a beautiful collection of vintage framed prints, which included a scattering of butterflies, flowers, and animals.

Here are the vintage owl prints now displayed in our living room book nook. It was time to replace the winter snowshoes that were residing here.

Silverware in vintage decor has been trending for a while now. I’m always so drawn to it at vintage marketplaces.  This time was no different.

The Color Red Can we talk about the color red? Do you love it or hate it?  It's a fantastic way to add color to a vintage neutral home decor pallette.

One can never have enough baskets in home decor, am I right? At this vintage marketplace, I found a vendor selling some really fun old-fashioned dinner baskets.

Join me on the blog to see the infinite amount of vintage decor, finds, and trends available at a spring vintage marketplace like this one.  There's so much more to see!

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