Join me today on our front porch in the Mountains of Vermont, and let’s set the table together with all things vintage and Autumn inspiring.

I love the simplicity and brilliant colors that fall's blooms add to our outdoor porch’s vintage wallpaper table, the table we will set today with autumn’s vintage warmth.

Keeping with the color theme of these fall flowers I chose green and blue collected vintage dishes from around the house and will serve up homemade beef stew.

These mismatched green flutes are my favorite table addition especially in autumn.  You are sure to love them too!

Apples are a signature element of autumn. A basket or bowl of apples on your table adds so much warmth. No matter what meal you are serving.

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I love collecting vintage tablecloths. But honestly, I prefer placemats. Especially if I am setting the table on a vintage or antique table like this one.

As I decorate our front porch for fall, I’m also adding purple Aster planters, sunflower arrangements, a coffee table fire pit, cornstalks, and more.

Join me on the blog today for  more fall decorating ideas and designs from Maine to Vermont..  You are sure to be inspired!

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