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24 Best Outrageous Scarecrows, It's Fall in Vermont

It’s Good to Be Back in Vermont

After a wonderful summer in Maine, it feels really good to be back in the mountains for our most loved season of all, fall!

A quick trip to the local Equinox Valley Nursery and I am humming right along now with all of our fall decors…

This year’s theme is purple. Stay tuned for more.

Mums and Pumpkins

Because first, scarecrows!

And lot’s of them!

Do you decorate for fall or Halloween with scarecrows?

Here are 24 grand ideas for you if you don’t or if you are simply looking for some new scarecrow inspiration.

Meet My Favorite 24 Outrageous Scarecrow Friends

1. Tip Your Hat and Welcome to Vermont

Tip your hat scarecrow

2. Goldilocks

Goldilocks scarecrow

3. Yin and Yang Karate Kid

yin yang scarecrow

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4. Vermont’s Matriarchy

Vermont's matriarchy scarecrow

6. Corn Pipe Anyone?

Corn pipe scarecrow

7. Wink Back at Vermont’s Darlings

Wink Back at Vermont's Darlings

8. Mud Season Scarecrow?

Mud season scarecrow

9. Sweet Girl and I think I own that skirt…

Sweet Girl and I think I own that skirt...

10. Happy Farmer Scarecrow

24 Best Outrageous Scarecrows, It's Fall in Vermont

11. What’d Ya Say?

What'd Ya Say scarecrow?

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24 Best Outrageous Scarecrows, It's Fall in Vermont

What you need to create your own outrageous scarecrow…

  • Lots of newspaper, paper bags, leaves, straw, etc. for stuffing.
  • Old Clothing. Check your local thrift shops and Goodwill stores for the best deals.
  • Wood stakes. Nail the wood stakes together in a cross pattern creating the scarecrow frame.
  • Pillow cases or burlap sacks are great to use for the heads. Draw the face you want then stuff and add a hat.
  • Straw works well for hands and feet, so do gardening gloves and old boots.
  • Pumpkins can be used as heads too!
  • Old mops work great for hair.

Let your creativity flow…

For step by step instructions and materials on “How to Make a Scarecrow” visit HERE.

12. Pick Yur Own Punkin Scarecrow

Pick Yur Own Punkin scarecrow.

13. Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Family

Wizard of Oz Scarecrows

14. Witchy Witch and Brew

Witchy witch with brew scarecrow

15. Husband and Wife Scarecrows

Husband and Wife Scarecrows

16. The Farmer in the Dell

17. Good Morning Shy Scarecrow

Good Morning Shy Scarecrow

18. Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams

19. Early Morning Coffee Gal Scarecrow

Early Morning Coffee Gal Scarecrow


20. Apres’ Skier

Apres' skier

21. Indigenous Warrior | Icy Palmer

Indigenous Warrior | Icy Palmer

22. Fancy My Lady Scarecrow

Fancy My Lady Scarecrow

23. Smith Capt. Rescue Scarecrow

Smith Capt. Rescue Scarecrow

24. In Memory of 911 Scarecrow

In Memory of 911 Scarecrow

I’m so glad you dropped by, and if you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you enjoyed your visit with us here today in Vermont.

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24 Best Outrageous Scarecrows, It's Fall in Vermont

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