Are you looking for creative fall decorating ideas? Let me show you how I created this fall dessert table with a little Pecan Pie surprise.

Can you smell the aroma and that cozy feeling of gathering with friends or family for dessert in the fall season?

Simple fall wildflowers in mason jars serve as this dessert table’s centerpieces.  Colorful and filled with the scents of the season.

Today is a drizzly and chilly fall day in the mountains of Vermont.  But we like it this way.  Every day in the mountains is a blessing.

Wicker placemats that I picked up thrifting work brilliantly on a fall dessert table with their added textured elements.

Brass candlesticks and a vintage lemonade set adds charm and warmth to our outdoor dessert table as our temperatures begin to cool off.

So What’s the Pecan Pie Dessert Table Surprise? Everything Dawn’s cakes, pies, loaves of bread, and more are all handcrafted by Dawn. That’s right, it’s faux! Why you may ask?

Well, it’s easy! Because it’s all about the presentation. These “Fakery Bakeries” can sit on any table, countertop, coffee table, dessert table, etc.

Check out this Table Ready Fakery Bakery Faux Berry Mousseline Tarte that Dawn also gifted us for the summer. I just love this one too!!

Join me over on the blog today to see more of this fun and creative dessert table with a pecan pie surprise!

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