This morning we woke up to a chilly, fog intense, leaf crunching, fall kind of day in the mountains. That kind of day where you just want to spend all your time outdoors. That is where this mountain view, outdoor table for two was inspired,.

Starting with these antique blue and white dishes that I found out  "Thrifting with the Gals" at Vermont Vintage Market Days this fall.

Next, I add colored glassware  that I’ve collected from second hand shops that complements the colors of autumn on our mountain view outdoor table for two.

A line of small pumpkins from our neighbor’s pumpkin patch along with backyard-picked blueberry bush branches in thrifted amethyst bottles sets the stage for this outdoor table for two.

And This Favorite Second Hand Table that I am so in love with, a simple vintage wallpaper table that fits our long narrow porch perfectly.

Our little table for two got postponed though.  Stop by the blog to see what happened!  Along with more of these views and details.

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