How to assemble a small charcuterie board and platter with selected Vermont cheeses and maple syrups, all with a wonderful vintage flair.

We all love an amazing charcuterie board, don’t we? Living in Vermont, we get our fix of cheese every day, and our go-to place for all things cheese is always the Vermont Country Store, along with our local farms like Taylor Farms in Londonderry, Vermont.

Doesn’t this make you want to go shopping for cheese?

In a quaint store with your own small charcuterie board in mind?

Collecting your favorite cheeses, dips, crackers, spreads, pickles, and more.

You get it, I know you do, right?… If not, check out my more recent visits to the Vermont Country Store here.

How to Assemble the Perfect Cheese Platter | Vintage Style

What to Serve on a Small Charcuterie Board?

Here are a few of my absolute favorites from Vermont:

Let’s head back to the house to create this small charcuterie board with thrifted and vintage dishwares where Ella, our Bernese Mountain dog, awaits us…

We’d also love to have you join us on our Vermont Foliage Home Tour.

Maple Tree and Red House

What is the Best Cheese Platter?

For today’s small charcuterie board | vintage style, I chose a large cutting board with a handle that will also serve as a base for this vintage blue and white ironstone platter, which was my mother’s.

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I’m also going to use 4 small October blue and white antique bowls to accent it all for the dippings. I found these bowls at Vermont Vintage Market Days for about $2.80 a piece last weekend.

What to Include on a Small Charcuterie or Cheese Board?

I photographed this chalkboard while visiting The Vermont Country Store at their Weston location a few weeks ago. And it will be my guide today in creating a small charcuterie board.

How to Assemble the Perfect Cheese Platter | Vintage Style

How Do You Make a Small Charcuterie Board?

  1. Arrange your selected cheese platter or board as you want it to be presented.
  2. Spread all the provisions around the platter or board for a good visual.
  3. Use these 3 easy steps mentioned above on the chalkboard to start arranging your small charcuterie board.
    1. The Cheese
    2. The Vehicle
    3. The Extras

4. Make it your own!

Autumn in Vermont Small Charcuterie Board

With it being autumn here in Vermont, I’m going to add apples collected from a neighbor’s tree, topped off with some old-fashioned apple cider in thrifted colored amethyst goblets.

Cheese Board, Platter, Provisions

Accented and displayed with vintage flair.

apples and dishes

The Cheese Platter

This blue and white vintage ironstone platter is loaded with our favorite cheeses.

Cheese Platter

The uncut cheeses are topped off with white farmhouse animal cheese markers that I won in a Christmas grab many years ago, and an inherited sterling silver knife accompanies the cheese.

Cheese Platter

I scattered a few crackers for taste, with the focus remaining on the cheese.

The apples are always cut last so as not to let the air brown them out too quickly.

Cheese Platter and Apples


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Extras Complimenting The Simple Cheese Platter

Apple slices and Pumpkin Pie Cookie Buttons from the Vermont Country Store.

Cheese Board

Pure Soft Maple Sugar Candies are delicious, following the indulgence of these small charcuterie boards.

Cheese Platter and board
Cheese board and platter

Antique Candle Co coffee candle scents smell heavenly amongst the cheeses.

Cheese Platter and Board

This was so fun and yummy, friends! Thank you so much for suggesting it to me!

I sure hope this isn’t our last alfresco for the season!

You may also enjoy this Fall Dessert Table with A Pecan Pie Surprise.

Cheese Platter

I’m so glad you dropped by, and if you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you enjoyed your visit with us here today at our Home in Vermont.

Be sure to also check out our Home in Coastal Maine, where we spend summers and weekends when we are craving a walk on the beach or a visit with old friends.

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  1. Looks amazing, and so delicious! Cheeses are my favorite, and Cabot Seriously Sharp is my number one favorite!
    The views are beautiful 🧡💛💚🤎❤️

  2. Looks gorgeous and delicious Ann!!

    1. Thank you so much Lynn. It was a lot of fun to create😃