Do you love hunting at flea markets for vintage and unique treasures?  I totally do. However, I really get overwhelmed when I am there, loving everything I see…  So many times I have bought items that I just don’t have a place for and then they sit in my basement for years.  And the thing is, I still adore them; they just don’t fit into my home.  But I have a little trick, and it really works!!!  It’s called a Vision Board!

Vermont Vintage Market Days

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Photo credit ~ Vermont Vintage Market Days

 I was so excited to be attending the upcoming Vermont Vintage Days Market, as I’m in the process of redecorating our master bedroom, bathroom, and sunroom.  I had so many ideas I couldn’t stand it!  So, I decided to stay focused and create a Vision Board to help guide and focus me.  

Vision Board

A Vintage Market and a Vision Board
Photos Credit: Pinterest

This is a Vision Board that I put together in preparation for my visit to Vermont Vintage Market Days, a large flea market of vendors selling their vintage wares.

How does a Vision Board work?  Well, for me, it starts with Pinterest.  I collect home-inspiring ideas almost daily.  I have over 100 boards that include all things Vintage, Home Decor, Gardening, DIY ideas, etc… It’s a growing collection of all things home decor that inspires me every day. Here’s a sneak peek.

Pinterest Vintage Boards
A Vintage Market and a Vision Board

In preparing for a day at the flea market, I review all my favorite inspo ideas that I have found over on Pinterest and collect those photos to create my Vision Board.


I use an app called CanvaIt’s super easy to use and is literally “drag and drop” technology.  I screenshot each pin that I am focused on and upload them into Canva to create my Vision Board.  You may click here for beginner Canva tutorials.

The hardest part is limiting what I choose…

From there, I download it onto my phone (another super easy process), or you could print it out, etc…. whatever works for you. Then, I have it with me when I am shopping through the sea of treasures. It works like a charm. It keeps me focused on what I want and detours me away from things that I just don’t need.

So go ahead and take a look at my Vision Board ideas, and I’ll share with you a few of my finds and how I decorated them in my home.

Vintage shoe molds and books

A small and large vintage shoe mold with pages of books wrapped in twine on a white bookshelf in our sunroom.  I found both of these at the Vintage Market Days, and the vintage shoe molds were on my vision board!


Turning books around can also be a fun and easy way to brighten up bookshelves!

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A Vintage Market and a Vision Board

I love the idea of a glass cloche and vintage bottles.

An idea that was also on my vision board, all found at the vintage market.

Vintage cloche with bottles and flowers on coffee table.

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Cloche with blue vintage bottles and yellow flowers.

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Cloche with blue vintage bottles.

Of course, I did have to get one item, but it was not on the Vision Board: this wonderful vintage wooden sign with letters from Paris. I thought this would be so fun in my kitchen, and it is a one-of-a-kind experience! What a great vintage market score!

A Vintage Market and a Vision Board
Vintage wooden FOOD sign on top kitchen shelf with other vintage decor.

A Vintage Affair

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A Vintage Market and a Vision Board
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