Every Friday before Columbus Day | Indigenous Peoples’ Day weekend, Vermont kicks off with Vintage Market Days Vermont. One of the most popular weekends of the year here in New England, with thousands of leaf peepers visiting from all over the country to immerse themselves in all the vibrant colors of autumn. And Vermont always shows up for it!

Vintage Market Days Vermont Fall Haul

Vintage Market

I never miss this vintage market and attending on Fridays allows me the pleasure of avoiding the weekend crowds. There’s always plenty of parking at the Rutland Fairgrounds nestled amongst the Green Mountains of Vermont too.

My first stop at the vintage market is always at the Fleurish Home and Garden booth, one of my favorites, where I can always get a feel for what is trending in vintage for the upcoming seasons. And this year I found an abundance of rich greens and gold.

Tipsy Gypsy Camper

One of the highlights at this year’s vintage market was the “Tipsy Gypsy”. The Tipsy Gypsy is a ‘65 Shasta that travels around central VT to vintage markets or wherever the wind takes them! Smiling & staging vintage treasures! Follow them here on Instagram.

It reminded me so much of my friend Kristin, over at White Arrows Home, who has her own similar camper, amazing log cabin, and shop all in the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

Tipsy Gypsy Vintage Camper


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Vintage Market Style

Here are a few fun things that caught my eye today at the vintage market.

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Red Wool Pants

I really wanted those red wool pants for my husband, but he missed out when he didn’t text me back quite quickly enough, as they sold right out from under me…

Scrabble Letters

I have a collection of these scrabbled letters at home that I picked up at a vintage market past. I love the word vintage spelled out on the scrabble board here.

Favorite Vintage Market Booth of 2021

A second favorite booth and vendor of mine this year at Vintage Market Days was “The Vintage Type”, which won the 2021 booth award. It was outfitted with beautiful retro furniture, dishwares, suitcases, and so many unique items from days gone by.

Congratulations to “The Vintage Type”, we can’t wait to watch you grow!

My Vintage Market Haul

35 Lynton England Blue and White Dishes

I found this odd number of blue and white dishes made by Lynton England for $100. A total of 35 dishes. I can’t pass up a full vintage collection such as this. It’s simply beautiful!

The dishes were selling for $5.00 each, but when I asked if she would sell them as a set, she offered me the set for $100 and threw in the cheese crate too. Sold at half price!!

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I think we will enjoy these vintage market dishes as our everyday dishes from now on. I’m calling them my “October Blues.”

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Green and Blue Together

Green Spools of Thread

As seen at the Fleurish Home and Garden booth earlier, I was really taken by the golds and greens this year at the vintage market.

So I picked up a beautiful ball of this green yarn from France, I was told, along with eight green spools of threads.

The brass candlestick collection I own will pair nicely with these vintage finds, as they did at the Fleurish Home and Garden booth shown in the video above.

Vintage Market Days Vermont Fall Haul


(click on any of the images to shop the products)

You may see these “October Blue dishes here on my favorite second-hand table at our porch in Vermont.

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October blue and white table setting

My plan, after renovating this porch this past summer is to add blues to our existing green furniture along with some other new accents coming soon! I just love the combination together. Especially for here in Vermont.

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Vintage Market Days Sign

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I’m so glad you dropped by today friend, and if you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you enjoyed your visit with us here today at our Home in Vermont.

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  1. Marlene Stephenson says:

    Thanks for all the vintage wonderfulness, it is always so fun to go with you and then see what you found. Love those blue dishes.

    1. Thanks so much Marlene. I’m so glad you enjoyed it all. 🙌🏻

  2. Kathy Munday says:

    Hi Ann
    Thank you for the tour!! Living on Cape Cod, our “style” is beachy/nautical but I LOVE country and vintage. As the season changes to cooler weather, I do love all of your suggestions to “cozy-up”. Sooooo many awesome ideas!! Thank you!!👍💗

    1. Thank you so much Kathy I’m so glad you stopped by today🤗

  3. Thanks so much for visiting with us!! Gold and green are my new favorite and feel like this will be a trend for me thru the holidays!!
    Enjoy the holiday season and see you in the spring!!

    Carole~ Fleurish Home and Garden

    1. I’m so happy to. Thanks for always attending🤗

  4. This looks like a fun market!! I’m looking forward to some of the holiday ones over here in the coast!!

    1. It is always so fun and never that crowded. I love it. Have a nice weekend Jennifer🤗

  5. Linda Scott says:

    This looks awesome! Is it opened every weekend starting Columbus Day until when? Your dishes and table look beautiful! Love your blog too! Thanks for the information.

    1. Hi Linda, no unfortunately it’s only open two weekends a year. I’m sorry you missed it🙈