Get crafty this summer with a DIY wreath made from an old badminton racquet. Add a touch of sporty nostalgia to your front door this season.


What is Badminton? Badminton is a popular racquet sport played by millions of people around the world.

Badminton is a dynamic and exciting sport with a rich history. From its ancient origins in Asia to its development and popularization in England, badminton has become a global sport enjoyed by millions. Badminton offers a thrilling and engaging experience for participants and spectators, whether played competitively or for leisure.

Old Badminton Racquets

Old badminton racquets have an interesting history and have evolved significantly over time. In the early days of badminton, racquets were made of wood and had a simple design. These racquets were heavy and had a smaller hitting surface compared to modern racquets.

While old badminton racquets may not have the advanced technology and features of modern racquets, they hold a nostalgic charm and can be seen as a testament to the evolution of the sport. Collectors and enthusiasts may appreciate the craftsmanship and unique characteristics of a vintage badminton racket.

An old badminton racquet can still be cherished as a piece of badminton history and a reminder of how the sport has evolved over time.

Vintage Old Badminton Racquet Wreath

I found this collection of old badminton racquets while out Thrifting with the Gals over the winter. Thinking ahead to the warmer months, I thought they would make an adorable front door sporty wreath for the summer months.

I ordered a few vintage badminton birdies from eBay to go with the old badminton racquet, along with some red, white, and blue ribbons.

How to Make an Old Badminton Racquet Wreath

First, I wired the old badminton racquets together using floral wire and hung them from an existing screw already mounted on our outside front door.

Old Badminton Racquets wired on front door.

Next, I used the ribbon that I had on hand to tie the vintage badminton birdies together and then secured them with the floral wire onto the old badminton racquet.

Vintage badminton birdies

Patriotic Old Badminton Racquet Wreath

Add red, white, and blue ribbon to your old badminton racquet wreath for all of your summer’s Patriotic holiday front door decor.

A badminton wreath is a creative and unique idea for badminton enthusiasts. Showcase your love for badminton and add a sporty touch to your summer holiday decor!

Old Badminton Racquet Wreath

More Sporty Wreath Ideas

Sporty vintage wreath ideas combine elements of sports and vintage aesthetics to create a unique and nostalgic decoration. Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

  • Baseball Wreath: To create a fun, sporty wreath, use a vintage baseball glove, baseball cards, and baseballs.
  • Golf Wreath: Make a wreath out of an old wooden golf club or vintage golf bag. Attach golf balls, golf tees, and other small golf-themed accessories to the wreath. Add a vintage golf hat or a small golf flag as a focal point.
  • Tennis Racquet Wreath: A vintage tennis racquet is used as the base, and the handle is wrapped with a ribbon or fabric in a vintage pattern. Attach small tennis balls, vintage tennis player photos, or tennis-themed ornaments to the wreath.
  • Basketball Hoop Wreath: Use a vintage basketball hoop as the wreath’s base. Attach small basketballs, basketball player cutouts, or basketball-themed accessories to the hoop. Add a vintage basketball jersey or a small basketball net as a focal point.
  • Vintage Sports Memorabilia Wreath: Collect vintage sports memorabilia such as trading cards, autographed photos, or old sports equipment. Arrange the items on a traditional wreath frame, attaching them with hot glue or small clips. Add a vintage sports pennant or a small scoreboard as a centerpiece.

Be creative and use your imagination when creating your sporty vintage wreath. Incorporate elements that reflect your favorite sports or teams to make it even more special.

Retro Racquet

Here are a couple of badminton rackets in good condition that I recently picked up at an estate sale with a wooden handle and aluminum shaft of a badminton racquet. The badminton string was in satisfactory condition, too.

They made for a cute rustic summer front door accent wrapped with a green and white striped bow.

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A Vintage Affair

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