I’ve attended a lot of vintage markets throughout New England. But one of my favorite haunts is always Vintage Market Days of Vermont. Accompany me this weekend, and let’s go “Thrifting with the Gals” together.

“Be the keeper of history past, a custodian of treasured items before”, New England Antiquary.

Vintage Quotes To Take!

*UPDATE: Vintage Market Days Vermont will be held this fall, October 6-8, 2023, 10-4 at Vermont Fairgrounds, Rutland, Vermont. Will you be attending? Hope to see you there!

Held twice a year in the spring and fall,

This Vintage Market is so Much More Than a Flea Market. Why?

First, the scenery is spectacular, spread out across the Vermont State Fairgrounds, both indoors and outdoors, right in the valley of the plush Green Mountains of Vermont.

Second, parking is easy and accessible, and the crowds are actually manageable.

Third, it features original art, antique, vintage, and handmade treasures, clothing, jewelry, home décor, outdoor furnishings, delicious treats, seasonal plants, and more for your discovery.

Vintage Mannequin in a Telephone Booth

Fourth, there are 60+ vendors for you to browse and shop over a three-day period.

Spring and mud seasons are both in full swing for Vintage Market Days of Vermont, a truly unique and entertaining shopping experience with live music, and food trucks – all surrounded by the dazzling mountain scenery of Vermont.

Let’s Go to The Best Vintage Market in Vermont

I set out first thing on Friday morning for the 30-minute drive through the mountains to VMD.

Trying to tell Ella, our Bernese Mountain Dog that she couldn’t come with me was a tad rough though.

Just look at that stink eye…

Bernese Mountain Dog

Even though a nice day was predicted, it’s currently mud season here in Vermont so rain boots are always a good idea, as the Vermont fairgrounds can get mucky in places.

Did you know that Vintage Market Days is a franchise? And my friend Amanda owns the Vermont franchise from her home as far away as Washington State. You are most likely to find her at the door to greet you as you arrive.

Two Women at a Market
Amanda is in the black coat. And a big shout out to Amanda too for the VMD t-shirt!

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I told you it’s one of my favorite hangouts!

What to Look for at The Best Vintage Market in Vermont

Architectural Salvage

Just beyond the gates awaits dreamy architectural salvage pieces at not only affordable prices,

but at a steal like these large wooden vintage beams at just $40.00 a column.

And corbels, so many chippy corbels to choose from too.

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Vintage Garden Decor

The market was filled with all the vintage garden decor and art one could desire.

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The Best Vintage Market and an Antique Haul

From galvanized watering cans to old lanterns for lightening up your gardens on evening strolls.

Or simply for some additional colored charm.

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There were dried, faux, and fresh vintage flower arrangements for your choosing.

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Vintage Green Houses

And I must have taken 100 photos of these amazing vintage-inspired greenhouses available from one vendor. One of them would have come home with me for sure if I only had a place for it.

Just wow!

They were priced from $250-350 each.

I suspect making one for your own wouldn’t be that difficult. They consisted of simple collected salvaged windows and architectural pieces. So creative and inspiring for sure.

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Desserts Fit for a King or Queen

I had never seen anything like these desserts before.

This vendor was selling desserts in King and Queen style, literally. And they were all exhibited in antique dessert displays from France. Magnificent!

I bought a Queen eclair for my husband to enjoy, who was at home recovering from shoulder surgery earlier this week.

A Few of My Miscellaneous Favorites

That I did not purchase for whatever reasons that escape me now…

The Vintage Type

My favorite booth this year was The Vintage Type.

I love Liz’s displays with vintage beach chairs, four-leaf clovers, vintage glassware, affordable McCoy, and Liz’s adoring graciousness and love for all things vintage.

Liz’s booth’s backdrop was so adorable too with the blue and white vintage bunny sheets hanging.

Walk Along with me through The Best Vintage Market, Vermont

The Best Vintage Market Tickets

Tickets to attend on Friday are $15 and $10 on Saturday and Sunday. But if you take a selfie in front of the VMD booth, you can use that photo as your entry all weekend long.

Such a clever idea.

Vintage Haul

What did I bring home with me?

I went with a vision board that looked like this with all good intentions of sticking with it.

Complete with thought-out items that I was specifically looking for, mostly for our newly improved bedrooms.

VMD Vision Board

Well, I did find a vintage McCoy blue vase at Liz’s booth, The Vintage Type for just $18.

But I’ll have to remain on the lookout for my other vintage wants.

Here’s my vintage haul from the best vintage market in Vermont.

A little preview of what’s to come with these vintage finds.

Blue table Setting

Estate Sale

Oh, and our neighbors had a fantastic estate sale that I dropped by to check out yesterday too.

There I found this yellow bowl and red and white platter, both made by Johnson Brothers.

I’m so glad you dropped by, and if you are new to my blog, welcome! I hope you enjoyed your visit with us here today at our Home in Vermont.

Be sure also to check out our Home in Coastal Maine where we spend summers and weekends craving a walk on the beach or a visit with old friends.

The Best Vintage Market and an Antique Haul

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  1. Gail Fickle says:

    Love your posts, wish they had markets like that in Arkansas. Good thing I don’t live close, I’d have to have 3 jobs. Have a great day

    1. Lol, yes it can be a challenge to juggle it all. That’s why I opened up a vintage booth to resell in, 🙂

  2. What a fabulous day! I would lose my mind at this market – not to mention all my money… Finds like these are few and far between in Florida. Do you know any people that come to New England just to buy for themselves (not resale)? Every year I go home to visit my family (NH, MA, VT). I keep wondering if it would be a good idea to rent some type of vehicle and taking a road trip. Thank you for your inspiring posts!

    1. Hi Beth, yes sure lots of people do honestly. I’ve heard it’s definitely not the same in Florida. It just doesn’t have the history that New England does. You should try renting a vehicle though. That would be an adventure:)

  3. Hi Ann! Looks like it was a fun day! Love what you came home with!

    1. It was, you’ll have to join me sometime:)

  4. Great haul!! And best wishes for a speedy recovery to your hubby

    1. Thanks Cara, he has a long road in front of him. He’ll start PT next week but could take up to a year until he gets full mobility back. So the beach will look good to us this summer, wink.

  5. Ann,
    WOW!! Looks like such a great market…Wish we had something like that near us…You showcased some wonderful items and I love everything you bought!! Thanks for sharing and thanks so much for taking us along with you!!

    1. Thanks for dropping by Debbie, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, it’s really such a great vintage market.

  6. Looks like a Road TRIP with a few girls is in order here! Do they host outdoor Flea markets during Summer or Fall? Thanks for sharing ALL those goodies.. Loved the quality of each piece & THAT ECLAIR… let’s Gooooooooooo Girls!

    1. Hi Lee, I highly recommend it! Yes they have two a year, one this weekend in the spring and the next in October, usually Columbus Day Weekend. I love it, as it’s so manageable. Not overcrowded and easy in and out, that’s important:) And so many goodies!

    1. You’d love it Jennifer, so manageable and so much to see. Heading back your way this week, hoping to make it to Sage Farms.