Solar Eclipse 2024 Vermont

Witness the Eclipse 2024 in Vermont. A once-in-a-lifetime experience RV boondocking as the sun disappears behind the Vermont landscape.

In 2024, a total solar eclipse occurred on April 8th, and parts of northern Vermont witnessed it in totality. The moon aligned perfectly between the Earth and the Sun, casting a shadow on the Green Mountain State and plunging it into darkness for a brief but awe-inspiring moment.

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The path of totality, the narrow track where the moon completely obscured the Sun, passed through the northeastern part of Vermont, offering a unique and unforgettable experience for those lucky enough to witness it. Towns like Newport, St. Johnsbury, Burlington, and Lyndonville were directly in the path, making them prime viewing locations for the eclipse.

Eclipse 2024 Vermont Landscape and people
Eclipse Totality

Total solar eclipses generate immense excitement and interest among both astronomy enthusiasts and the general public. They offer a chance to witness a rare and awe-inspiring alignment of celestial bodies.

Eclipse 2024 Totality Map

The path of the totality, where the moon completely covers the sun, stretched across parts of Mexico, the United States, and Canada. It began in the Pacific Ocean, crossing Mexico and Texas. From there, it passed through parts of Oklamo, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Finally, it exited the United States in New Brunswick, Canada, and continued over Newfoundland and Labrador.

*The next total solar eclipse visible from Vermont will occur on October 23, 2077. So mark your calendars and get ready to witness this celestial spectacle in the coming years.

Eclipse 2024 Vermont Time

Eclipse 2024 Vermont occurred on a Monday afternoon in early April during an extreme mud season. The partial eclipse began at 2:13 p.m. The eclipse’s totality began at 3:25 p.m. and ended at 3:31 p.m. The entire astronomical event ended at 4:38 p.m.

Eclipse 2024 Vermont lasted about 6 minutes in totality. Outside this eclipse’s path, a partial eclipse was also visible to many, offering a significant astronomical event for onlookers.

The weather on this day couldn’t have been more beautiful. Clear, sunny skies and temperatures in the low 60s made for an ideal eclipse viewing day.

Vermont Eclipse RV Boondocking

The Eclipse 2024 Vermont occasion also gave us the chance to acquaint ourselves with our first RV boondocking experience in our new Panoramic RV, a once-in-a-lifetime kind of first.

Learn more in our new blog series, Antiquing Road Trips & RV Decor Series.

Bernese Mountain Dog in Vermont Flannel RV Bed

Although this wasn’t an antiquing road trip this time, it was our first time boondocking, and with such a unique experience, I thought I would take you along on this awe-inspiring journey.

What is Boondocking?

Boondocking provides an opportunity to embrace a more adventurous and self-sufficient style of camping. It allows individuals and families to disconnect from modern conveniences and connect with nature in remote and untouched locations. By embracing a minimalist and eco-conscious approach, boondockers can create unforgettable experiences while treading lightly on the land.

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is a boondocking app that you can subscribe to. It is a mobile application that connects RV owners with unique and picturesque locations where you can stay overnight for free. Harvest Hosts is a membership program that provides access to a network of farms, wineries, breweries, museums, and other attractions that allow RVers to park their vehicles overnight on their property. The app fosters a community of like-minded RV enthusiasts who can share experiences, recommendations, and tips with one another.


This is how I discovered the Rock Art Brewery, just outside of Stowe, which was directly in the path of totality of the Solar Eclipse 2024 Vermont viewing. This was to be a low-key venue, providing spaces for just 12 recreation vehicles and being very pet-friendly. It was right up our alley. Renee was so sweet to approve our application on Harvest Host even though she was already booked, as most places were a week out from this event.

We knew we wanted to go somewhere to boondock for the Eclipse 2024 in Vermont, but we were really scared of all the hype and crowds we had heard about. Could there really be 300,000+ people heading to Vermont to watch the eclipse? What would the traffic be like? Should we just stay home and watch the partial solar eclipse in southern Vermont?

We decided to take our chances. We had calculated that many travelers came early to Vermont to make a weekend of it. Others drove up on Sunday, and the remaining observers drove up on Monday morning, allowing for the spreading out of traffic. Thankfully, our calculations were spot on!

RV with People on Roof and Mountains watching Solar Eclipse 2024 Vermont

Eclipse Travels

We left our home around 8:00 a.m., expecting to take our time and exercise our patience if need be. We took back roads to avoid the highways. Once we reached the highway that this trip required (about a 40-mile stretch), there was traffic. But it wasn’t bad at all. Most traffic pile-ups broke up rather quickly between our travel exits of Randolph to Stowe, Vermont, on I89.

The Morning of the Eclipse 2024 Vermont
The Morning’s Home View of Eclipse 2004 Vermont

Rock Art Brewery

After about a four-hour drive, we arrived at our Eclipse 2024 Vermont venue, Rock Art Brewery. There was a manageable gathering of folks from all over New England, including teachers with students, families, professional photographers, RVers, astronomy enthusiasts, and observers like ourselves.

We checked in, parked, and began meeting all the others who were joining us for the day’s venue, too. We set up a picnic spot, as did the others; we all shared our knowledge, hobbies, where we were from, etc. It was a day to remember!

As the day progressed, anticipation and excitement filled the air. People from all corners of the state, as well as visitors from afar, gathered mountainside to witness this natural wonder. Eclipse chasers, photographers, and curious onlookers came together, united by their shared interest in this extraordinary event.

After settling in and getting to know one another, we started to look to the skies for the eclipse, and we were all wondering why we couldn’t see the moon. Until someone said that we needed to put our glasses on and look up. The partial eclipse had already begun. And you would never have noticed it without the glasses, as the glare of the sun blocked the moon.

Vermont Eclipse 2024 Totality

It’s Happening

Science Fiction Ecliptic Gray

In the hour before the totality, the atmosphere gradually changed. The sky darkened, and a peculiar stillness enveloped the landscape. As the moon moved in front of the Sun, a partial eclipse began, creating a mesmerizing display of crescent-shaped shadows and a gradual decrease in daylight.

At first, the landscape started to turn a dull gray color. The sun’s light made me feel like I was in a science fiction movie. It was such a fascinating experience. Everyone was mesmerized by the phenomenon.

Many just wanted to sit and take it all in. One woman played her flute during the eclipse’s totality, and others like myself snapped as many photos as we could.

NASA’s Eclipse Photography Recommendations

Prior to this day, I had read up on the best ways to photograph a total eclipse. NASA’s website recommended zooming out and capturing the landscape and people around you instead of focusing on the eclipse itself. Without professional camera equipment and know-how, capturing a total eclipse could be a challenge, as you need to wear protective eyewear, and a camera phone lens could be harmed in the process. So it would be like taking photos of the eclipse blindfolded.

So that is what I did…

Photographing the landscape of eclipse 2024 Vermont.

Then, at the moment of totality, an intangible silence descended upon Vermont. The moon completely blocked the Sun’s radiant glow, revealing the Sun’s corona—a halo of wispy, glowing gases surrounding the darkened disk of the moon. The sight was nothing short of breathtaking, as the sky transformed into a twilight-like hue and stars became visible in the daytime sky.

For a precious few minutes, Vermont was engulfed by an otherworldly darkness, a temporary eclipse of the day. This celestial eclipse captivated everyone’s attention, leaving an enduring mark on our memories.

The temperature dropped about 15 degrees.

Light Switch

What amazed me was how quickly, like turning on a light switch, the eclipse’s totality was over—just like that!

As quickly as it began, the darkness receded, and daylight returned. The partial eclipse phase resumed, and the celestial show came to an end. But the impact of this remarkable event endured as Vermonters reflected on the beauty and grandeur of nature and the interconnectedness of our universe.

People cheered, clapped, embraced, played music, and rejoiced.

The 2024 total solar eclipse in Vermont undoubtedly was a moment of awe, wonder, and unity. It brought people together, reminding us of our place in the vast cosmos and the shared experiences that transcend borders and boundaries.


Many people had their pets with them during the Eclipse 2024 Vermont. We left our Berner, Ella in our RV during the eclipse just because we didn’t want to take any chances with her vision or reaction. It was a short time, and she was excited to join us once again after the eclipse’s totality.

We spent the rest of the late day chatting with all the people who were boondocking and staying the night. We were all in a state of awesomeness at what we had just experienced. Mother Nature at her absolute best while nestled among the gorgeous snow-capped mountains of Vermont.

And I’d like to think we made a few new friends along the way, too.

Rise and Shine

After enjoying a full day of the Eclipse 2024 Vermont and our first-night of RV boondocking, we were up with the birds and hitting the road. We stopped for a wonderful breakfast at the Filibuster Cafe in our state’s capital, Montpelier.

On our drive back, there was traffic, but nothing that slowed us down. I’m so glad we went and experienced this amazing Eclipse 2024 Vermont. It will be something we will remember for a lifetime.

Eclipse Happy Stories and Horror Stories

We didn’t experience any eclipse 2024 horror stories, but I know there are a few out there. Share your happy or horror eclipse 2024 stories with us in the comments section below. We’d love to hear them!

If you weren’t on the path of the totality of the eclipse, I hope you were able to observe and experience a sliver of Mother Nature’s partial eclipse. It was truly something to experience.

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  1. Hi Ann! What an incredible experience you had! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! Your photos are fantastic!

  2. Lisa Anderson says:

    I feel like I experienced it with you…loved reading your post!! Can’t wait to see you and the new RV!!

  3. Rebecca J Hackman says:

    Thank you for sharing your eclipse experience. I live in southern Indiana and we were also fortunate to be in the line of totality. This was my second total eclipse experience and I have to say each one was amazing. God is good!!!

    1. Hi Rebecca wasn’t it such a neat experience. I just wished it lasted longer! Thanks so much for following along!

  4. Miche Ortega says:

    Ann, this is a wonderful post! What an adventure. One you will never get to relive but remember forever. Thank you so much for taking us along. We are in Tennessee. I did get to experience a partial eclipse for about five minutes and I feel very lucky to have seen that. We love Vermont, so I love everything you post. Can’t wait for your next adventures in your wonderful new RV. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you so much Miche, the totality was really amazing, I’m so glad we took the time to drive north to see it. Glad you enjoyed the partial eclipse too, we saw one in 2017 and it was still pretty neat. Thanks for following along!

  5. Melissa D. says:

    Hi Ann,
    Although my home is in Southeastern Vermont, I was in DownEast Maine visiting my daughter and her family during the eclipse and was lucky enough to see the unbelievable few minutes of totality in Houlton, Maine. What a memorable day it was and all the more wonderful for the feeling of camaraderie among the people that were there. At the first moment of totality there was awed silence, and then cheers and applause broke out…it was quite simply a breathtaking sight. So happy you were able to witness it, too.

    1. Hi Melissa, wasn’t it fantastic? We enjoyed the entire experience too. It was so worth it. I’m glad you were able to experience it all too, and in Maine!